8 Feb 2021 Guy Carries Bee Colony on His Bare Arm While Holding Queen Bee in His Fist A man took communing with nature to new, horrifying heights last 


Man transports bee colony by holding the queen in his fist and letting the insects swarm over his arm as he walks through the s #dailymoosatvUn-BEE-lievable!

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Man transports bee colony on arm

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But one man in the Dominican Republic has no problem handling bees. In fact, he carried the entire colony on his bare arm! In an incredible video, a beekeeper is seen walking down the street with his arm covered in bees. The bees are peacefully clinging to him and refuse to let go.

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Man transports bee colony by holding the queen in his fist and letting the insects swarm over his arm as he walks through the streets A beek Un-BEE-lievable! In an astonishing moment, a beekeeper has been filmed carrying a bee colony by carrying the queen in his fist while thousands of the insects swarmed over his entire arm. A video shared on the Social media footage has been circulating online of a man transporting a bee colony by carrying the queen in his fist, letting the other thousands of insects swarm his entire arm.

Guy Transports A Bee Colony By Carrying The Queen In His Fist shows him walking along the street as thousands of bees swarm his arm. many Reddit users were confused as to why the man would


Man transports bee colony on arm

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పిడికిలిలో క్వీన్ - Viral Video Man Transports Bee Colony By Holding The Queen In His Hand.

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2021-01-30 · Post by @all_typesofgyan. Watch “Bee Colony on his arm😱 | Shocking viral video | Guy transport a bee colony” on YouTube Watch: Man Carries Entire Bee Colony On His Arms.